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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Childminder numbers in England plummet

Campaigners say the situation is "simply unacceptable" and want the government to take action.

‘Don’t say my name wrong at graduation’

Universities are turning to technology to try to make sure they don't mispronounce names at graduations.

Graduation fail

People have been sharing their experiences of having their names mispronounced.

Military children: ‘I’ve lived in 12 different houses’

A child-focused approach to military families must be adopted, England's children's commissioner says.

School closes after 100 years

A bittersweet farewell to a school that was the "hub and heart" of a small County Down community.

Fatberg boosts museum numbers

A slice of fatberg could be preserved after attracting visitors to a London museum.

Language lesson gap means poorest miss out, says report

Schools in most disadvantaged areas have fewest pupils taking GCSE languages, study shows.

School offers children week off in term time

A secondary school offers parents the chance to take their children out of school for a week in July 2019.

Stamford Hill school with sex ed ban ‘inadequate’

School staff have gone through books to blank out bare skin on ankles, wrists and necks, Ofsted says.

Pupils learn to sign for deaf awareness week

Pupils at a school in Portsmouth have been learning to sign for deaf awareness week.
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