Poldark Season 4: Everything you need to know about the BBC One series

Poldark is returning to BBC One for another season of post-Revolutionary War drama. 

The season ended with two shocking betrayals that could change the relationship between Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) and wife Demelza (Elanor Tomlinson). During the final episode, the Captain’s wife locked lips with Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse) before learning that she wasn’t the only one with loose lips. 

Her husband, she learned, had kissed Elizabeth (Heida Reed) in church.

Poldark is returning to BBC One for season four on June 10, 2018, but American fans will have to wait a few months

Poldark is returning to BBC One for season four on June 10, 2018, but American fans will have to wait a few months

Poldark is returning to BBC One for season four on June 10, 2018, but American fans will have to wait a few months

This will most certainly change the course of the show as it heads into its fourth season on BBC. Here’s what you need to know about Poldark.

When does Poldark return in 2018?

Poldark returns to BBC One Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 9pm BST.

When will Poldark Season 4 air in the US?

Poldark Season four will premiere on Masterpiece on PBS on September 30, 2018 at 9pm ET. 

Poldark Season 4 trailer

The Poldark Season four trailer was released by BBC One on May 30, 2018. It’s been viewed more than 49,000 times.

Poldark Season 4 spoilers 

According to Poldark script writer Debbie Horsfield, the fourth season of the BBC One show will be inspired by parts of Winston Graham’s sixth book in the seven-book Poldark anthology. 

She told Radio Times viewers can expect to see Ross Poldark head for Westminster in the new season to claim rival George Warleggan’s Parliament seat.

‘He does take George’s seat. He beats George. At the end of this series we see him coming to the realisation that next time a seat is offerent he has to take it.

‘He’s not desperate to head off to Westminster but a catastrophic happening in episode one of series four makes him realize that in order to have the power to effect any change he needs to get out of his comfort zone.’

Poldark viewers will also get to experience London a bit. 

Horsfield said: ‘That’s a thing we haven’t really seen. We saw it when Caroline [Gabriella Wilde] was in London. There are whole sequences where we go to London and that’s a really exciting new flavor to it.

‘We will meet real characters, like [Prime Minister] William Pitt and [anti-slavery campaigner] William Wilberforce. There are some wonderful affirming storylines and some utterly tragic ones coming up. 

She added that Ross and Demelza will have to ‘work through this sticky patch’ in season four. 

‘What we explore in the fourth series, essentially, is her reasons for this little excursion, shall we say, are many and complex,’ she said.

‘I have often thought in a way it was the perfect storm of Hugh being an opportunist, playing on her sympathies, Ross being occupied elsewhere, Demelza sort of in a way enjoying being wood and courted in a way which she hadn’t been in the early stages by Ross because she obviously went from being his servant to his wife.’ 

Poldark seasons

There have been three seasons of Poldark on BBC one and the fourth is days away from premiering. 

Poldark cast

Aidan Turner is the star of BBC One’s Poldark. He plays Captain Ross Poldark. He’s married to Eleanor Tomlinson’s character, Demelza. 

The rest of the Poldark cast is as follows:

  • Heida Reed plays Elizabeth Chenoweth
  • Jack Farthing plays George Warleggan
  • Beatie Edney plays Prudie Paynter
  • Gabriella Wilde plays Caroline Penvenen
  • Elise Chappell plays Morwenna
  • Caroline Blakiston plays Aunt Agatha
  • Tom York plays Sam
  • Ruby Bentall plays Verity Poldark
  • Josh Whitehouse plays Hugh Armitage 



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